There are multiple ways to lower your car insurance.  The three main ways are through cleansing, adding a family member, or declaring your car under a business.

Cleansing refers to the cleaning of your insurance record in which violations or multiple violations will begin to accumulate thus increasing your rate.  Violations most commonly seen with driving violations, accidents, and filing claims for auto insurance.  These incidents can be removed by contacting your insurance provider.  Your company will explain how many years they track an incident, and how to remove it once the time passes.  Minor incidents such as speeding tickets can be cleared before they go on your record by taking classes.  Preventing small incidents such as these will insure that your car insurance premium remains low.

Adding a family member typically works for younger drivers or drivers with multiple violations.  With this method you will want to contact an older family member with a clean driving record.  Companies will see a more experienced, credible driver vouching for you on their insurance and above all will help lower your rate.

Finally, the business auto method will only work if you have a business in which you are actively using your car for business practices or transportation to your business.  If declared companies will see you as a business owner, which insurance providers are much more favorable towards.

For any questions about if you can qualify for any of these methods, or any questions about topics related to insurance, please feel free to reach out via phone or email. We’d love to help you with your insurance needs!Favicon: Hand Holding Heart

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