Whether it be your home or the renters insurance on an apartment, it is important to understand and protect your personal property and what your insurance does and does not cover.  Our video describes four different avenues through which your insurance may fall.


First, we have the the cash value system.   In this system an item is worth the amount paid minus depreciation.  For example, if you buy a television in 2015 for $ 2,000, that same television would not be worth $2,000 in 2020.  If your television is stolen, you won’t receive the $2,000 dollars you paid five years ago, instead you would receive the original value minus the depreciation rate.

Next, we look at the system of replacement cost.  This system is quite simple.  Whatever you originally spent on an item is what is covered in the claim.  So, if you bought that television in 2015 for $2,000, it would be replaced for $2,000 with a replacement cost system.

Special Coverage is a type of personal property insurance which covers almost everything.  The special coverage option does not cover everything, however you can still add separate plans to ensure full coverage.





Rioting via Civil Commotion





Building Collapse



Breakage of Glass


Malicious Mischief

Falling Objects

Freezing of Plumbing

Freezing of Heating

Freezing of Air Conditioning

Accidental Leakage of Water

Damaged Water Heater

Damaged Currents via Electrical Appliances

Not Covered




Nuclear Accidents


Finally, through off premise coverage, your items will be insured will away from your residence.  How much this covers is the dollar amount of how much your items are insured when stolen.  For example, you bring $30,000 of personal property on vacation. Your off premise coverage is for $15,000, so if all of your personal property is stolen you would be insured for $15,000.

For any questions about how you can protect your personal property, or about other topics related to insurance, please feel free to reach out via phone or email. We’d love to help you with your insurance needs!

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