Becoming a Partner

For agencies and brokerages that want to expand their services/carriers

With our carriers and services we can help your agency become a big agency. You will be able to service all your client’s needs.


Commission split for an agency is 80%. For example, if a client’s premium is $1,200/year and the insurance carrier’s commission is 10%, the agent would receive $96 (1,200 * 10% * 80%) minus carrier servicing fees.

If the same client cancels the following month $88 (11/12 * 96) would be deducted from a future commission payment. The original commission is multiplied by the remaining months in the policy out of the year.


You get access to our carriers through our website’s quoting forms. 


We will need a copy of the agency’s license and the agent’s licenses that wish to partner with us.



Fill and Sign Contract. Then attach it as one of the documents to the contracting signup form.

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