Becoming an Agent

This is for those who want to take over the world.

As an insurance agent, you have an opportunity to make insurance better. We are each unique beings with different ideas on how to overcome challenges. We want your perspective and input.

Along with a background check, we like to give a homework assignment to see if you truly want to do insurance sales. This is to try to quote a couple of hundred people you know and see what happens. We do this because we want you to make sure this job is right for you first.


We will give you guidance and resources to prepare you for the licensing exam in your resident state. Testing may cost around $100. We will pay for your resident state license. 


Commission split for an agent is 70%. For example, if a client’s premium is $2,000/year and the insurance carrier’s commission is 10%, the agent would receive $140 (1,200 * 10% * 70%) minus carrier servicing fees.

If the same client cancels the following month $128.33 (11/12 * 140) would be deducted from a future commission payment. The original commission is multiplied by the remaining months in the policy out of the year.


Payment is given the following month of a client’s signup. This gives the insurance carrier’s time to confirm the new insurance policy’s validity. Cancellation of a client’s policy will be deducted out of future commission.


As an agent, we give you complete marketing freedom to market the business how you want. You can use our name or create your own name. You can even create your own company. We will provide you with the marketing tools that you want to use. We will provide each broker with marketing advice and mentorship.


Agents will be given access to the training handbook and several ones on ones.





Through WeCare’s Marketing Efforts we will send you leads. You can expect a few per month.

Customized Web/Quote Pages


Customer App

The customer app that agents will have their clients use is Agentero. Agentero is a great digital platform to help clients to smartly manage their insurance. 

This app has all policies in one place, understands individual insurance, personalizes advice, files claims, and keeps information safe. 

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