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Car Insurance for Car Dealer Customers

Open Link > Fill Form > Get Quote > Buy Insurance > Receive Proof


Pre Owned Vehicles

We can insurance any driver with a license, even if they have SR-22 or a bad driving history. As for cars, as long as it works and doesn’t have claimable damage at the sale then we can insure it, even if it was salvaged previously.

Brand New Cars

Whether the driver is new or has lots of cars, we can get them a fast reliable quote. As for new cars, our system can handle almost anything as long as you have a VIN. New cars can even get a discount!

Leading Dealer Car Insurance for Customers


Your custom link will include your information for compensation


Give custom link to get credit for the sale


Customers can get insurance while you file sale paperwork


Implement insurance into pricing

How it Works

  1. Customer uses customized link
  2. Customer fills out the form
  3. After submission, customer will select quote and put in payment info
  4. After payment, an email will be sent with proof of insurance.



Insurance Providers

As an insurance brokerage we can shop several carriers and find the best deal for your customers.

Vehicle Insurance

Right now our program handles cars and motorcycles. In the future we will add:

  • Snowmobiles
  • ATVs
  • RVs
  • Classic Cars
  • Boats

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