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Business Types

This list only contains a sample of all the business types we offer insurance for. Try the get a quote button and if that doesn’t work, call us and we’ll make sure to get your business covered.

What Insurance Does My Business Need?

Small Business Policies

BOP – Business Owners Policy

    This is an insurance package for small businesses. Coverage includes: liability, business property, terrorism, and more.

General Liability

    This covers both customers and others who are affected by business operations. Coverage can be applied to more businesses than on a BOP.

      Workers’ Compensation

        Pays for employees injuries, time off for medical reasons, and death benefits when the incident was due to operations of the business.


        Pays for reputations, legal fees, and rebuilding costs due to data breach and cyber theft of a business’ customers information.

      Commercial Auto

        Covers customers finances in the case that your business has caused them unnecessary or wrongful financial loss.

      E & O – Errors & Omission and Professional Liability

        Covers customers finances in the case that your business has caused them unnecessary or wrongful financial loss.

      Employer’s Liability

        Extra coverage to be added on top of Work Comp. In some situations Work Comp will not cover a business and Employer’s Liability would replace it.


        Covers damages caused by the business due to produced or discarded material. This even includes sediment and extra water if it damages property.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do we insure people with many claims?

      Yes! We have select carriers for people who have many claims or a bad record.

      What payment methods do we accept?

      Payments through a mortgage, direct billing through mail, EFT (Bank Account), debit and credit cards.

      How can I file a claim?

       We strongly recommend calling us before the insurance carrier directly about a claim. You may not want to file a claim depending on your insurance plan and we will assist you in filling a claim the best way to make sure you take the least amount of damage possible to your insurance score. After talking with us, you can call the insurance carrier or let us call them for you.


      If you can’t find your answer here, please don’t hesitate to ask a representative through our messaging system or email