Dwelling Insurance

Dwelling insurance has many variations and you can customize it a lot. You can make it super low or you can make it high. Most of us have high coverage when it comes to our own homes but depending on what type of property you have and your financial situation, you may want to learn about the other options.

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Inclusions & Exclusions of Dwelling Policies

*Exclusions vary by carrier and may be added


This means that you and the insurance company are insuring your dwelling. The insurance company will pay part of the claim and then you will pay the rest. Most homes are under insured and may fall into this category. If you’re interested in co-insurance, let your insurance agent know what percentage you want an insurance company to pay a claim.

Home Value: County Assessor – This is the best resource. Zillow is inaccurate because it combines both the land and building. value

Reconstruction Cost:  BlueHammer.com – This is a free tool that can estimate the reconstruction cost of your home.

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There are a lot of things that insurance companies don’t cover automatically. It may be worth looking into to make sure you have the protection you think you have.

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