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We will consult with you to find the best insurance plan to fit your needs. Everyone is different and should get a customized plan for them. Together we’ll make the best of insurance.

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Working with many people and insurance companies, we are experienced in making sure insurance is right. Our agents have sworn an oath to do all we can to find the best insurer and plan for our customers based on their wants and needs.  With us you will know you are covered and have the best price.  We will listen to you, we will work with you, and we will fight for you.


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We’re here to make sure you have your own individualized living coverage. Living coverage means that your insurance adjusts with your life. It shouldn’t be the same coverage you had 10 years ago. You may need more coverage, or you may be able to shed some coverage. Either way, we will make sure you’re financially stable for the next crisis in your life.

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“There is no comparison to We Care. I have a lot of different types of insurance, and they have been able to serve all my insurance needs. They have always been helpful to me and take any suggestions I have given. Working with them over the years I’ve found them to be the most innovative and helpful independent insurance agency.”

“I can’t believe how much money I saved switching to We Care Insurance. It’s like my old insurance agent was ripping me off. We Care Insurance knew how much insurance I needed and worked with their carriers to find which one would suit me.”

“We didn’t know where to go to. Our old insurance company kicked us off because we had too many claims. Chris (Insurance Agent) is a friend of ours, and we asked him for help. He was able to quickly help us and get us insurance before our old insurance cancelled. He delivered multiple options and matched us up with the perfect one.”

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