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Transparent and Simple Insurance

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We Care Insurance

An insurtech brokerage. We sell and service insurance policies on behalf of insurance carriers. The purpose of our technogy is to fulfil our vision. We believe this will give insured’s the most customizable coverage.

Customer Journey

Educate & Integrate

Insurance education is in our strategy because it helps insured’s learn what to expect form insurance and how to give themselves the most beneficial outcome. We also integrate our platform into other sales funnels adjacent to insurance to ease our partners need for insurance.

Easy Quoting

Our platform asks all the questions needed up front helping the user have a full quote from every carrier we are contracted with.

Power to the People

Giving the ability to insured’s to select coverages they want. Finding coverages and understanding them is the key for people to make better decisions.

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We Care Insurance Inc.

A licensed insurance brokerage in AZ, CA, IA, NE, TX, UT. Contracted and affiliated in ID, MO, NV, NY.