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Quote Glossary


Co-Insured- Co-insurance is when you split the risk with an insurance company. Telling an agent what percentage of a claim you want the insurance company to cover will get you a co-insurance rate. The less an insurance company covers the less expensive the insurance.

Date of Birth- Insurance companies use this number to guess how many years you have been driving and associate this with more experience and less risk.

Deductible- This is the amount of money you will pay on your own vehicle’s damage before the insurance company will pay any money.

Liability Coverage- This is payments for damages you caused to other people and their property. $100,000 means that the insurance company will pay up to $100,000 per incident.

Marital Status- Singles are usually associated with higher risk and a married couple or widowed person is associated with lower risk.

Medical Payments- This is a liability coverage under home insurance. If someone is injured on your property the insurance company will pay up to the predetermined limit per person.

Ownership- This is asked to know if their needs to be a lien holder or not on the vehicle. A lien holder is someone besides the insured owns the vehicle.

Primary Source of Heat- Different risks and costs to replace are correlated with the different heat systems.

Personal Property Coverage- The max dollar amount you want your insurance company to pay in the event of a loss. Examples of personal property include: appliances, electronics, furniture, kitchenware. If you don’t live in the house but have furnishings or large appliances such as a refrigerator you may want to cover some of it in this section.

Plumbing Type- Different risks and costs to replace are correlated with the different plumbing pipes.

Property Coverage- This helps the agent know if you want standard insurance, cheap insurance, or would rather know that you are covered for almost everything (higher premium).

Risk- An evaluation of how much an insurance company thinks its going to pay out to a policyholder. If you have high risk, the premium will be higher and if you have low risk, the premium will be lower. Almost every question on an insurance quote is factored into how risky you will be to insure.

Year Heating Renovated/Replaced- Insurance companies associate older heating systems with higher risk and more cost to repair.

Year Roof Replaced- Insurance companies associate older roofs with higher risk because their is a greater chance that they will replace it. If your roof is newer or is hail resistant you will get a discount.