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Quote Glossary


Coverage Amount- This is the total payout that the insurance company will pay in the event of death.

Date of Birth- Insurance companies use this number to guess how many years you have been driving and associate this with more experience and less risk.

Disability Use- This allows you to use part of your payout in the event that you are disabled and cannot work any more.

Final Expense- This covers expenses related to death: medical, funeral, estate execution, etc.

Limited Pay- Allows you to pay for a set period of time (eg. 10, 15 years) and after that time period ends you don’t have to pay any more premium.

Medical Payments- This is a liability coverage under home insurance. If someone is injured on your property the insurance company will pay up to the predetermined limit per person.

Nicotine Use- The use of nicotine products increases risk.

Risk- An evaluation of how much an insurance company thinks its going to pay out to a policyholder. If you have high risk, the premium will be higher and if you have low risk, the premium will be lower. Almost every question on an insurance quote is factored into how risky you will be to insure.

Single Premium- Allows you to pay once and never have to put any more money towards premium payments.

Universal- Creates flexibility for your life insurance plan such as adding another person to your plan.